Rehousing Form

Welcome to the Clarion Housing online housing registration page.


Clarion Housing Group needs to process your personal information in order to check your eligibility for housing and to manage the application process. We will treat this with respect and process this in line with our Privacy Statement which you can find at You may also wish to read our guide 'Privacy Matters'.  If you are filling in this form as a joint applicant, please ensure that both parties have read the privacy statement and are in full agreement with all information added.


Fields marked with an # must be filled in.  This means that we need this information in order to consider your application.  If you wish to discuss this please contact [email protected]

Optional fields contain information that will help us understand your needs and support your application.  You do not have to complete these, however, it could speed up the application process as we may need to contact you for further information at a later date in order to progress your application.

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