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Rehousing Form

Welcome to the Clarion Housing online housing registration page.

It should take you about 30 minutes to complete the online form. Please make sure you make a note of your unique login reference number and password.

You can move around the form using Back and Next buttons. You can save what you've completed by clicking on the Finish Later button. You'll need to fully complete your registration within 60 days otherwise the partially complete application will be deleted from the system.

If you are not able to apply online or need further support in order to apply, please call us on 0300 100 0303 and someone from our lettings team will call you back to assist you.

You will need to provide a range of information to complete and/or support your application including:

- National Insurance number and Date of Birth for each member of the household

- Full contact details for current and previous landlords for all household members

- Complete postal address for all previous addresses of all household members

- Full contact details for any support worker or probation officer


Any additional supporting evidence that you need to provide will be explained as you answer questions and work your way through the form. Please note you may be asked to provide further information once your online application form has been assessed by our lettings team.


At the end of the registration process you'll be given an indication of the Band your application will be placed in. This will be based on the information you give us, so please ensure it's accurate.

Our lettings team will then check and verify the information you've given and the supporting evidence you've provided before your Band is confirmed. We aim to complete this verification process within 10 working days. Please click here to see how we prioritise our applicants.

You must tell us if there are any changes in your circumstances. Any change may affect your housing need and the priority your application should be awarded. We will then reassess your application. If necessary we will change your band and band start date.

Failure tonotify us of any changes in your circumstancescould lead to you not being made an offer even if your bid is successful.

Click the Next button to begin the online registration

Click here to see a list of areas that we are currently accepting applications for and to see the property types and sizes in these areas. If a property type and size has Clarion Housing only next to it then we will only accept applications from Clarion Housing tenants. Applications from non Clarion Housing tenants for these areas will be cancelled

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